Berlin/ Frankfurt/ London – 20 June 2015

Fight back against reactionaries and austerity politics – go beyond for antinational solidarity!

In these times of crisis it has become obvious that the multiple problems we face are deeply connected. Post-democratic austerity management provokes different kinds of reactionary responses which present themselves as workable and attractive political responses to growing injustice and poverty. These reactionary “solutions” which come in many forms including nationalism, racism, social chauvinism and sexism do not just exist in the corners of democratic parliaments, but can be found growing in the very centre of society. They emerge in different periods and manipulate the fears of people, relying on the worst of individuals. Across borders and languages we find reactionary formations like UKIP in the UK, Golden Dawn in Greece, and the AfD in Germany trying to promote their own brands of reaction. One of the logical outcome of these “solutions” to the crisis can be found in the inhuman European border regime responsible for the deaths of 1000s each year. The struggles found within our daily lives against social cuts, austerity politics and reactionary formations have to connect together visibly if we want to offer a strong answer to the many faces of capitalist misery and  the illusion that there is no way out.

Get together! Antiauthoritarian call for action on the 20th of June

On the 20th of June Beyond Europe and friends will hit the streets in different cities of Europe including  Frankfurt, London and Berlin to show that these struggles belong together; if we want to be successful we need to unite our struggles and go beyond the limits of our imagination today. After we crashed the opening of the ECB on March 18th fascists will try to walk the streets of Frankfurt by exploiting fears of migration, lack of integration and Islamophobia. Simultaneously after the Conservative election victory in the UK, we will participate in the national demonstration against austerity and show our solidarity with those in struggle, whether with papers or without, for a world beyond this world. Finally in Berlin there will be a demonstration against the Troika and to expose the role of the German government in blocking the possibility of change (however modest) in Greece. These demonstrations across Europe on June 20th will be a good chance to see the current strength of the movement and continue to promote antinational solidarity, our summer camp in Halkidiki from August 18th and initiatives like Blockupy and the work around a Transnational Social Strike provide more long term and structured potential for this. These demonstrations in June are an important step in this ongoing process. Only if we can concretely show that all these struggles – against rightwing structures, austerity measures, Fortress Europe etc. – are part of a larger picture and then connect them together will we be able to convince other people that the radical left offers a realistic potential for changing society towards anything which could be called the “future”.

We encourage solidarity actions and otherwise hope to See you in the streets of Frankfurt,London or Berlin on the 20th of June!