Stop the War Against Migrants

This is the theme under which the first trans-European self-organized refugee conference in Berlin is currently planned. CISPM – the Coalition of Sans-Papiers and Migrants – initiated the conference.

CISPM has been founded by refugee activities from various places in Europe in the context the March of Freedom that took place in May and June 2014. On this march from Strasbourg to Brussels refugees and supporters from all over Europe came together to protest against European Immigration policy. The march was the latest trans-European protest of refugees and set the stage of further trans-national cooperation.

After two conferences in Paris and Rome the next one will be held in Berlin to commemorate the massacre of Ceuta in February 2014. In preparation of the conference, an information event took place in January in Berlin. Tresor and Geraud, two refugee activist living in Berlin explained the political context of the event.

Last year an official number of 15 individuals have died at the Spanish-Moroccan border after being shot at with rubber bullets by the Spanish police. People who were part of the group that crossed the border on 6 February 2014 know that unofficial number of deaths are much  higher. While running against European Union law, this massacre is only one in a series of assaults committed against refugees by Spanish and Moroccan border police.

Having crossed the border themselves, Tresor and Geraud, have been victims of the human rights  violations committed by border guards. Both have lost and will continue to lose friends at the Moroccan – EU border. Their activism is motivated by the certainty that the cruelty they were forced to indulge is continuing and conditions for migrants at the borders further deteriorate.

In a ten year old video shown at the information event a refugee beaten up by Spanish border guards explains: “I am treated like an animal. This is a war.” Nine years later the number of deaths at the border continues to grow.

Referring to the words of Tresor it is long due that persons affected by the inhumane border policy and those in support raise their voice and demand the Stop of the War against Migrants.

– Leonie

Support the event’s crowdfund with much needed last minute funding.

More photo’s of the January information session:


Photos (c) Paul Lovis Wagner




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