The Center for Political Beauty: The Fall Of The European Fence Wall

While the German government plans to celebrate the fall of the German wall 25 years ago, Europe erects more and more firm fences.

While it is celebrated that the suffering of millions of people could be ended by the fall of the German wall, the suffering of thousands of refugees behind the European fences is forgotten.

The Center for Political Beauty (CPB) started a crowd-funding campaign to travel to the newest inhuman fences in Greece and Bulgaria (the exact destinations cannot be revealed yet) and to break those fences on the external borders of Europe that are causing continuous and grave human rights violations. The more money is raised, the more buses can be filled with volunteers (everyone can apply and you can do so here), who will then be cutting the fences with bolt cutters. One bus + board and lodging amounts to 9900€. Buses will leave from Berlin on 7th November 2014, returning 13th November 2014. It is also possible to follow the buses with own vehicles. The more people, the better. 

The CPB is an assault team exploring moral beauty and human greatness in politics. Political beauty is moral beauty. (καλὸς καὶ ἀγαθός). Nothing makes political decency, compassion and vulnerability as visible as looking for those who rise up against genocidal crimes and show resistance- at times against their own career, friends and emotions. It is their basic belief is that the legacy of the Holocaust is rendered void by political apathy, the rejection of refugees and political cowardice. The team is led by artist and director Philipp Ruch. Members of the group can usually be identified by black smudges on their faces.

Their previous projects include the Pillar of Shame, a memorial for the victims of Srebrenica as a metaphor for the United Nations’ enormous betrayal in the Bosnia and Herzegovina genocide created by CPB in 2010,. In 2012, the team set a bounty of 25,000 Euro for any kind of information which may lead to the criminal conviction of the owners of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, a German tank manufacturer. In 2014, the CPB helped Syrian refugees enter the European Union by adapting the 1938/39 British Kindertransport to the present.

More about the project aiming at the fall of the European Wall here (in German)
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Donating money for this action here

– Nadine