Syrian Migrants Film Their Journey To Europe

This short film is a story about five young friends from Syria who flee their war-torn country hoping to reach a safer and more prosperous future in Europe. Together they make the journey from Damascus via Beirut to Algeria where they are taken through the dessert to Libya by Liberian smugglers. Crossing the Mediterranean in an overloaded boat, they are aware that they are embarking on a journey know as the Journey of Death.

Mark Rice-Oxley and Mona Mahmood from The Guardian accompanies this short movie with an article telling the stories of numerous of migrants from different countries. What are their reasons, what are their routes? What do they pay and how are they treated?

Rice-Oxley and Mahmood describe the highly organized business of trafficking the thousands of migrants whose aim is to get to Europe. To the promised land. But this promise is rarely fulfilled. “For those who are fished out of the sea – and there has been on average 500 a day this year – the misery is not yet over. Perhaps the real tragedy of the new boat people is that once they make it to Europe, they are hardly wanted.”

– Sofie