Rome: Europe-Wide Gathering of the International Coalition of Sans-Papiers and Migrants (CISPM)

From 13th to 16th of November the Europe-wide gathering of self-organized migrant and sans-papier organizations will take place. These groups are part of the International Collective of Sans-Papiers and Migrants (CISPM) – an umbrella organization that exists since the March for Freedom that took place in May and June this year.

The March for Freedom was the first Europe-wide manifestation of refugee movements from different EU member states. Together the various groups from different countries marched from Strasbourg to Brussels to demonstrate against a security based EU immigration and asylum policy.

CISPM has used the momentum of the march to make long-term cooperation among different European refugee groups possible. The collective’s objective is to set up a Europe-wide framework for migrant and refugee political self-organization. In the framework of the meeting an action week will take place.

From Berlin the organization Voix de Migrants, will participate. Funds are still needed to make participation of its members possible. The money will be spend on transportation costs as well as legal aid. If you want to support this action, donations can be transferred to, Miriam Edding „Maroc – Workshop – CISPM “, Konto Nr: 1228521330 BLZ 20050550 (HASPA) BIC: HASPDEHHXXX, IBAN: DE43200505501228521330

For further information and participation requests in Germany it is possible to call Claudio: +49 178 727595 for information in German and English as well as Trésor: + 49 152 13033001 for information in English and French.


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