EU Must Step In To Protect the Refugees in the Mediterranean Says Amnesty International

Amnesty International is releasing its Lives Adrift reports after years long research and evidences accumulated on the rising refugee and migrant situations across EU borders and the Mediterranean that is turning the sea into a graveyard.

Amnesty International announced to release a report titling Lives Adrift on September 30 which explains AI’s intention behind publicly releasing the report is to generate international attention on the refugees and migrants situation in the Mediterranean.

The report has detailed AI’s plight to the EU member states, being supported with the claim from the details of their research findings referring the life risqué migration of refugees from North Africa and Middle East, due to the uprising in the region. Amnesty is going in reiterating the responsibilities EU countries share through the laws of international maritime, refugee and human rights. The report release is expected to make the EU member states to sit together to decide on their obligations under these international laws and AI is hopeful on a positive outcome for the migrants and refugees on the Mediterranean.

The report, an outcome of Amnesty International’s 12 months long research, covered interviews with the survivors, poverty, persecution and rising conflicts in the region. The researches span covered the coast lines in Italy – the first choice for many of the illegal migrants who are risking their lives to make the journey to Europe – a dreamland now with lots of security and peace. The report will mark the one year anniversary of shipwreck on Italian coastline and cost more than 500 lives. Amnesty International believes the delay with addressing the issue and absence of quick initiatives in improving the situation is turning the Mediterranean into a graveyard across the EU borders.

– Mehari