A War Against The Undocumented: Police Operation “Mos Mairum”

A European police operation called “Mos Mairum” aimed at identifying and detain undocumented migrants across Europe, will be implemented between the 13th- 26th of October this year! Led by the European Council, this massive (18.000 officers) police operation will be collaborated with the Italian Ministry of Interior and FRONTEX. All Member States Countries along with the Schengen Associated Countries will participate in the operation. An internal document from the European Council, states that the purpose of this action is to „weakening the organizational capacity of organized crime in illegal immigration.”

By emphasizing the precarious and dangerous presence of undocumented migrants, this operation is just another contribution to the dominant discourse that undocumented migrants constitute a threat to the European public. Yet again, Europe is further legitimizing suppression and control measures against undocumented migrants, against those who have “no right to have a right” in the European legal system.

– Asa