Asylum Center Security Personal Severely Abuses Asylum Seekers in Burbach, Germany

Cases of severe physical abuse of asylum seekers by personal of an asylum seekers home in Burbach, Germany are currently under investigation

“Those are pictures, we usually only know from Guantanamo“
, says police president of Hagen. Official government speakers have confirmed that in an asylum home in Burbach inhabitants were severely abused. Video material shows a security man posing with his foot on the neck of a handcuffed man, lying on the ground. According to the police, another asylum seeker was forced to eat his vomit.

At least four security stuff members were involved in the abuse. The police is currently investigating against four subjects.

The asylum home in Burbach hosts 700 people at the moment. 100 have been interviewed by so far. It becomes increasingly clear that the cases at hand were not an exception at the asylum home.

According to the German news channel WDR, also in an asylum center in the nearby city Essen, abuse of asylum seekers took place. Both centers are run by the company European Homecare. The company has a history of non-compliance with minimum standards and is one of the biggest asylum center running companies in Germany.

– Leonie