International: Become Part of an International Information Network on Refugee and Asylum

We would like to bring to your attention Alignment for Dignity – I am here for a reason, a recently founded international information network raising awareness for the situation of refugee and asylum seekers in the European Union and beyond.


The objective of Alignment for Dignity is to raise awareness for the situation of refugees at the external frontiers as well as inside the European Union. We believe that human rights violations need to find public attention in order to be taken seriously. Therefore, we see the work of collecting information from international media and NGOs as well as civil society actors in the particular field of refugee and asylum seekers as crucial to contribute to an improvement of the situation.

The team of Alignment for Dignity is looking for motivated contributors located anywhere in the world, who are willing to participate in our newly found initiative. We are especially looking for people, who share our objective and interest in the field of refugee and asylum. Regular contribution will include the reports on local happenings, commentary on published articles or the  publication of own research via our blog.

We offer the experience to work in a young team of activists and academics, the possibility to find a platform for your ideas and the opportunity to exchange and foster your knowledge in the field


Alignment for Dignity – I am here for a reason started out as a student initiative in Groningen, The Netherlands. However, now we are seeking to establish a Berlin-based group, while maintaining to work together with the members of the group located anywhere in the world.

We are extremely grateful for any sort of response or ideas we receive at Please share this with any platform applicable to the issue.