‘Alignment for Dignity – I am here for a reason’ is an international advocacy platform with the aim to raise awareness for the situation of refugees and asylum seekersĀ at the external frontiers as well as inside the European Union.

The initiative was founded by students of the University of Groningen, The Netherlands in February 2014. The fact that the subject, notwithstanding its importance, has found little attention among the students at the time, made the founding of the group important to us.

Since then, ‘Alignment for Dignity’ gained a variety of contributors, the majority of them being graduate students, activists or young scholars, located all over Europe.

We believe that human rights violations need to find public attention in order to be taken seriously. Therefore, we see the work of collecting information from international media and NGOs as well as civil society actors in the particular field of refugee and asylum seekers as crucial to contribute to an improvement of the situation.

This blog functions as a platform for local on-the-ground reports, comments on published academic and non-academic articles and publications of research related to the field.